I’ve been able to go to lots of clubs and schools.

There are some good things, and also bad things about this,

but you can learn something new everywhere.

I’ve always tried to find something positive everywhere.

1 Začátek na Spartě

The start at Sparta was quite hard. I didn’t know anything,

all the other kids were better than me – I just kept falling

over all the time. My heroes were players

from Sparta and NHL, I just wanted to try and be like them.



A star comes to HC Hvězda Prague!

There were great coaches like Petr Jindra and Méďa,

and there was also great team spirit. It isn’t always this good.

I knew I could only play in the 4th class,

because I just wasn’t good enough to go up,

yet; so I decided, I would train with Petr Jindra.

It was like skating for a milion kilometres without crashing!


3 Letňany

I went on an off-ice training session with HC Letci.

We worked really hard.

We trained on ice, too. We had started in the summer,

at Františka Kučery Hockey School, so we were already very good.

A week for a defender is very good.


Than sometimes individual training course in some hockey schools, and I’m ready for the

next season.


In Czech republic is lots of diferent hockey schools, you just need to pick the right one.

These, where you find some link labels on are a very good choice.


web oprava1


Than I was shortly on Hc Slavoj Zbraslav and now I play in BK Mladá Boleslav.


Once I would like to play it like them.


Martin Chabada1 Martin Štrba1