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Christmas in Calgary

Calgary Flames

With a help from awesome people, I had a chance to see the pracice of an NHL team Calgary Flames, see the team’s changing rooms and take a picture with two Czech players, who play in Calgary Flames Jiri Hudler and Ladislav Smid. And here they are. It was an awesome moment for me and

Calgary 2 – August

When I played the spring season in Calgary, I met a lot of people, I have some friends here too and that’s why I could try out for Calgary Northstars. A lot of people helped me, and I would like to say Thank You. I’m proud, I made it to the Calgary Northstars team.


When it was spring season, I went on a trip in Calgary, it was awesome, me and my dad took some photos, they’re not that good but they’re ours.


I like hockey, but I also enjoy holidays.

Foto’s from Christmas Hockey Bunnies Cup

Olda is a first star on Christmas Hockey Bunnies Cup. He played very well in one of the games, that was the reason why he was a first star.

Training with Dan Malinovský

Today I was at HASA, so I’m posting some photos.

Training with Martin Chabada

Now I’m training really hard on ice and in fitness with Martin Chabada. Here you can watch how it works.