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Hi welcome to my web pege.

My name is Olda Matějka and this webpage is about skating and hockey, both of which I like very much.

I was born in 2001 in Prague. The first time I stood on skates was at Štvanice

skatepark when was I five. I started playing ice-hockey in year eight,

but the truth is, I just stood there.

I‘ve played in lots of hockey clubs, and now I play for BK Mladá Boleslav,

in the 8th class, and I‘ve realised that I’m only at the start. I like training

in the club, all of which is based on specialized hockey situations, and there

are very good coaches.

Also, I often play in selection teams, or sometimes, if I have time, I go on an individual training.

When I was younger, and had more free time, I did more training in the  Hockey talent academy(HTA)

It’s a great start in hockey and I think I will keep training there sometimes.

I can only say, ‘try it’.

Some of my favourite coaches like  Martin Chabada and Martin Štrba

are from hockey school S&H Centrum   and Dan Malinovský is from Hockey



I like cycling, swimming, table tennis and trampolining, but that’s only in summer.

I wish I could go skiing this year, but with all my school work and hockey training,

it’s hard to find time.


If you have anything, you want to say about hockey, you can write to me.




unnamed-An awesome place to do an on-ice practice, going in the fitness or dryland in the gym. in the Northeast Sportsplex. I love to go there for an on-ice practice and also in the fitness.